fat loss in 5 minutes

Yes you can lose weight in five minutes

yes it is possible you can lose weight in just 5 minutes by doing this method

A healthy and fit body is something that everyone aspires for in their life and undoubtedly everybody put in their best efforts to achieve it. It’s been observed in recent times, that a majority of the youth, working professionals, housewives, senior citizens even getting conscious about following a healthy lifestyle.

It’s quite visible too, that in spite of having so much awareness and importance of having a healthy body, mind, and soul, so many people suffer from health disorders. Blame it on a sedentary lifestyle, people suffer from ailments like clinical depression, stress, hypothyroidism leading to weight gain.

To overcome weight gain issues, people joined various fitness programs, rigorous physical training exercises, spending lots of money in the gymnasium, fitness centers and still disappointed most of the times.

In the recent times, an article has been seen circling around the internet, which can be considered as a revolutionary method, the best remedy so far giving the quick results, with no expense at all and no heavy training equipment required. So, this blog is about exploring the same revolutionary method that is really serving as a boon in so many people lives, giving them a healthy and fit body.

Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi’s Towel Roll Exercise

Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a Japanese physician put through this amazing method which helps in belly fat reduction around the waist, helping get the body in shape. Before moving ahead with exploring this unique exercise, let’s first the science behind it.

The underlying reason behind fat accumulation around the waist is the displacement of the pelvis. Simply put, an additional layer of fat accumulated around the belly because of the pelvis misplacement.

Let’s now learn the steps required to perform this exercise –

  1. Take a towel, roll it like a cylindrical tube. Make sure, you tied it so that it doesn’t loosen up.
  2. Sit down on a flat hard surface. A fitness mat would be the preferable choice.
  3. Lied down gently on your back and put the towel roll below your low abdomen. You should keep it in your mind, that the towel roll should be laid parallel to your navel. This will be the correct posture required.
  4. Spread your legs maintaining the distance between your heels and the toes will be pointing towards each other. Make sure, the upper body stays in the same position.
  5. Next, raise your arms touching up the floor. Try now to join your pinky fingers. This is the desired posture need to be maintained.

This exercise needs to be done for 5 minutes at least. Though the exercise looks easy, it will be tough keeping the posture for that duration. Try to maintain it for 2-3 minutes initially and later on, you can increase the duration.

As obvious, any physical activity in beginning might be a painful experience but, with practice, it will become easy.

The best thing about the towel roll exercise is that as compared to conventional fitness training exercises it’s much easier. And, as mentioned earlier one doesn’t require to put a lot of money, neither heavy training equipment. As for the time intervals of exercise concerned, you need to spend 5 minutes minimum a day and can repeat it almost every day.

Note: Some of the additional advantages the towel roll exercise provides are it can help to cure back pain issues. Also, it will make your abdominal muscles stronger.

Do consult a doctor in case any back pain issues arise.

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